Who’s The Celeb – All Levels Answers

Update:- New Levels released(101 to 150) today(April 9, 2013) and I have updated the solution. How much do you know your celebs? There is now a fun way to test your knowledge with the game – Who’s the Celeb. Each level shows you scrambled images of celebrities with jumbled letters to help you guess the celebrity’s name.

The initial levels were easy to solve and kept me hooked to the phone. But it started getting tougher as the game progressed. I became too addicted but too helpless too. There seemed to be no Who’s the Celeb cheats or answers, that being the first week of its release. For really tough levels, I even began to take print and solve the jigsaw! Those levels took me forever to solve and so here I am sharing the answers so that you don’t have to dwell on a level for too long.

The game is really interesting to play, except for the fact that when you wrongly guess a name, you might have to retype the entire name again. I don’t know why this simple flaw didn’t strike the makers. Anyways overall, I liked it and you’ll like it too!

1to10 11to20 21to30 31to40 41to50 51to60 61to70 71to80 81to90 91to100 101to110 110to120 121to130 131to140 141to150

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5 thoughts on “Who’s The Celeb – All Levels Answers

  1. teanna phipps

    I love this game but i can’t figure out level 252 if anyone knows what it is please comment back!!!


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